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NJECC  2008 Free Web Tools

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NJECC Annual Conference 2008: Top Free Web Tools for Educators 

(In No Particular Order)


 1. Del.icio.us



What are buttons and why do I need them?
Buttons (bookmarklets) are links you add to your browser's Favorites Toolbar. They are an easy way to post and view your favorites in del.icio.us.
What do they do?
The post to del.icio.us button allows you to post your current page to del.icio.us.
The my del.icio.us button allows you to quickly view your favorites.

















3. twitterlogo-1.png twitterific_logo_enlarged.png





Results of Twitterpoll: "What gadgets do you have on your iGoogle page?


cgseibel @lthumann Ggle reader, gmail ,g-bookmarks, weather, wikipedia, word of day, tsn.ca, cbc top stories, ggle news canada, Top stories

Durff @lthumann google docs, reader, notebook, calendar, remember the milk, jott, to'do list, npr, news

jackiehalaw @lthumann gmail, google docs, groups, google calendar, live weather, world sunlight map and deep thoughts by Jack Handey

pjhiggins @lthumann docs, notebook, all district RSS feeds for wikis and blogs, google alerts for news searches

misstizzy @lthumann - reader, docs, calendar, notebook, gmail, Google Services links, How to of the day, remember the milk, shopping list

Anonymous@lthumann Twitter It! is my fav 'cause it's the only way I can get Twitter @ school -sshhhh! don't tell!

scmorgan @lthumann igoogle? My RSS, gmail, gtalk, flickr photos, weather!

techchick94 @lthumann grdr, gcal, todo,timer, Doppler radar, how to of the day, gmaps, top stories of the day, mah jong

langwitches @lthumann iGoogle widgets: CountDown, Weather, Jott, ToDo, Google Docs, notebook, gmail, reader

McTeach @lthumann I have betwittered, gTalk, gmail, my blog, Reader, calendar, Shakespearean insult, earthquake watch (I'm in Calif.)

alicebarr @lthumann Google Talk, Top Stories, Gmail, Remember The Milk (to do list), Twitter and Google Reader and Jott

tombarrett @lthumann G docs forms, Box.net, G docs, G Cal, del.icio.us, Remember the milk, brain tuner, type it, G notebook and G reader









5.  mov conversion, 3gp conversion, mp3 conversion, convert Avi , convert Mpg , convert mpeg4 , convert mpeg , convert mp4 , convert mov , convert 3gp , convert mp3 , Flv to avi, Flv to mpg, Flv to mpeg4, Flv to mpeg, Flv to mp4, Flv to mov, Flv to3gp, Flv to mp3, Flv to video, Flv to pc, Flv to mc, Flv to ipod, Flv to iphone, Flv to psp, Flv to mobile








Click here for full screen version


























Using Voice Thread as an Alternative Lab Report

Using Voice Thread as a Writing Prompt











 The Dynamic Duel!


Here are some more sites we find very valuable for education, but that we didn't get to share:


  1. voki.com
  2. donorschoose.org/homepage/main.html
  3. zamzar.com/tools/
  4. jott.com
  5. Animoto.com
  6. goodreads.com/
  7. awesomehighlighter.com
  8. linkblip.com
  9. yugma.com
  10. elluminate v-room
  11. i-lighter.com
  12. clipmarks.com






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